Dubrek Studios is a facility offering services to all kinds of musicians and artists in the heart of Derby City centre.

Apart from hourly rate rehearsal rooms, residential spaces and a stunning recording studio we can also offer spaces for large groups/workshops and performance space for small (50 capacity) events


The focus of our recording process has always been about capturing a great performance. Providing an atmosphere with an ‘anything goes’ approach has enabled visiting artists to realise their ideas to the full


Our aim is to provide clean, comfortable high quality rehearsal spaces for musicians. Great gear which is regularly maintained comes included with our rooms at no extra cost. We have two spaces available to hire by the hour.

Find out more about our rooms below!


The café bar is fully licensed for such events with a great selection of craft ales, coffee, teas and cakes and also acts as a gallery space for visiting artists! Also our workshops can offer custom built music equipment along with repair and set up services for amplifiers, guitars and effects.

We also have on offer a range of boutique, vintage and secondhand music equipment and spares located in the café where we can also provide internet access. All our stock is carefully selected from skilled bespoke makers and our aim is to support people producing innovative, unique and exceptional music equipment.


Dubrek’s recording studio  also makes a great performance space! We can officially hold an audience of 50 people but should add it would be cosy at capacity and the curfew is strictly 11pm.

If you are interested in hiring our space we can also offer full backline and live recording services if required, while a full PA system is included with the room ( 1kW sub-bass and 1.5kW mid-tops plus 16 channel mixer and mics etc). Please get in touch to discuss your event – we want to make it as easy as possible for folk to organise their own performances and can also help with promotion and logistics.