Our first public event since March! Can you believe it’s finally here!

We sounded you guys out a while ago and got a massive positive response to the idea of opening as a bar on certain nights, so we’ve chosen the first to be the 8th of August! We’ve almost finished renovations in the back garden where Pubrec will take place, and cordially invite you to come and have a drink and a gander!

Music will be pumped out via a lovely new PA system specially chosen for the garden gigs in mind, with the selection carefully curated by James Thornhill of Bloop and our previously monthly Psychic Dancehall DJ night that was a such a success last year.

We have a 30 person cap for events held outside, so make sure you join us from 7:00 pm to cement your place!

You can find the Facebook event here – click going and give it a share!

~ Dubrek