Welcome to the new Dubrek Website!

We’ve been offline for a week or so whilst we overhaul the website, so thanks for bearing with us while we did that.

It’s now a little quicker to find key information that you might be looking for. If you’re on a laptop or larger-screened device then you’ll be able to find out contact information on the right-hand side of the screen, along with any upcoming events and our Newsletter sign-up link. At the top are short links to all the current aspects of Dubrek from rehearsals, recording, grassroots music gigs all the way through to our links with the community.

We’re all ears for any ideas that you have for events or other engagements, so explore the site and get in touch.

Those of you on mobile will see the site in a slightly different format. If you tap that button at the top you’ll see a drop down of all the options that a PC user would see, and the contact information will be at the bottom of the screen.

Google came around the site last year, so you can have a gander round the venue on our Contact Us page.

The forced lock down, like many grassroots music venues, has made a noticable impact, and it’s no secret that we’ve spent some of the time renovating the beer garden out the back of Dubrek Studios. We’re almost finished and can’t wait to open it up to everybody for some live entertainment out in the fresh air!

In the meantime, why not head over to our Bandcamp page on this site, and listen to some of the fantastic live gigs that we’ve had through the doors over the last few years – remind yourselves of the awesomeness of live music, maybe even download a couple! All profits find their way back to the artists.

See you all again soon!