At Dubrek Studios we’re proud to support local, national and international music by hosting regular gigs on Friday and Saturday nights, and as members of the Music Venue Trust and PRS, we are committed to continuing to do so.

The Studio Live Room is the perfect venue for grassroots gigs, and under normal circumstances has an audience capacity of a very cosy 50. We’re one step ahead of many DIY venues in that we have the studio facilities to utilise during gigs, which means that amps, cabs, drum shells, stands and PA are all in place should travelling musicians wish to reduce down their load-in weight so that they can focus on the show.

In the current circumstances, we are also holding events outside in our newly renovated beer garden, which now contains an acoustic stage and seating.

Hire Dubrek Studios for your Own Gig or Event

Want to put your own band on and have complete line-up control? We’re happy to help you there! Get in touch to discuss your requirements and we will advise on the best way that we can assist you! Just remember that we have a strict 11 pm sound curfew. Both prices include bar/venue staff.

Venue Hire (No sound technician) 18:00-23:00: £80
Venue Hire (Including sound technician) 18:00-23:00: £130

Looking for somewhere to host a workshop or event outside of these times? Get in touch! We’re all ears and will see what we can do to accommodate!

Get in touch to book your rehearsal, recording or event:

Call: 07595 158654

Facebook Messenger:

Our In-House Promoters

We work with two promoters directly who regularly put on fantastic gigs that celebrate and showcase great live music that you should definitely check out. Think your band would fit the bill for one of their future gigs? Their contact information and social media links are just below! They’d love to hear from you.

One Zero Presents

One Zero Presents have been booking gigs for us since the start of 2019 with a mixture of genres. Run by local creative Richard McKerron, their brief initially was to ‘book what we don’t book’ and as such have brought in niche alternative/folk acts such as Becky Langan and Kirsty Merryn, through to significantly heavier acts from across the country including Honey, Ride Me A Goat and Siderian and a fair bit inbetween including local favourites Grawlix, Umbilica and Vikasati.

Contact info: Here
Instagram: onezeropresents
Facebook: onezeropresents
Twitter: onezeropresents

Check out their website to see some previous gig footage and photo galleries here!

Outta Mind Presents

Outta Mind Presents have been booking at Dubrek Studios since May 2018. Led by Danielle Ross of Pet Crow, they’ve booked a fantastic array of current scene acts procured through her wide tour schedule and love of great music. Self-described as specialising in ‘pop/alt-rock/noise/post-punk/garage/psych/grunge/groove/indie/no wave/punk/surf gigs’, previous acts have included Babe Punch, Punching Swans, Tom John Hall, Slumb Party, No Violet and Cow Town.

Instagram: outtamindpresents
Facebook: outtamindpresents